104 mins
in Italian with English subtitles
Italy | 2013 | col | dir. Andrea Segre, with Matteo Marchel, Jean- Christophe Folly, Giuseppe Battiston | UK premiere

Dani has never seen the snow. He was born in Togo and arrived in Italy as a refugee from the war in Libya. He is invited to work in the workshop of Pietro, an old carpenter who lives with his grandson Michele, aged ten. The snow will arrive, and there is not much time to collect firewood. It is a necessary time span that allows silences to turn into occasions for understanding. Before the snow, Dani and Michele can learn to listen to each other.

Introduced and moderated by Adrian Wooton (CEO of Film London), followed by a Q&A with actor Giuseppe Battiston


Fri 07 Mar 8.50pm + intro & Q&A

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