113 mins
in Italian with English subtitles
Italy | 2013 | col | dir. Giovanni Veronesi, with Elio Germano, Alessandra Mastronardi, Ricky Memphis | UK Premiere

The Fifth Wheel is a pleasant jog through recent Italian history with an honest, average guy. Starring Elio Germano as a humble, honest Everyman who moves from job to job as the country goes from bad to worse, Ernesto Marchetti travels all around Italy during forty years, from black and white TV in the 1960s, to the gloomy colors of the 1970s, the yuppie period of the 1980s and the Berlusconi era of the 1990s constructing a bridge towards the Third Millennium.

Followed by a Q&A with director Giovanni Veronesi and actor Elio Germano


Sun 09 Mar 5.00pm + Q&A

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