96 mins
in Italian with English subtitles
Italy | 2013 | col | dir. Paolo Zucca, with Stefano Accorsi, Marco Cadau, Geppi Cucciari | UK premiere

Atletico Pabarile, the worst team of the Sardinian third league, is humbled like every year by Montecrastu. The return to town of young Matzutzi (Jacopo Cullin), who had emigrated, upsets the balance of the championship and Atletico Pabarile starts winning one match after the other, thanks to the endeavours of its new undisputed champion. The story of the two teams intertwines with the professional climb of Cruciani (Stefano Accorsi), an ambitious referee at the highest international level.

Followed by a Q&A with director Paolo Zucca (tbc)


Thu 06 Mar 8.50pm + Q&A

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